Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Babies, Knitting & Creativity


I love to knit.  Knitting is my vice, it is my creative outlet.  I cannot create that which I want most, a child, so I knit.  I am a woman who struggles with infertility.  Our wonderful miracle of a daughter was born after two and a half years of trying to conceive and six rounds of clomid.  Over the past six and a half years we have been trying to conceive, we have upped the ante on the medicine end of things and I have lost four little angels.  Through it all I have knit, knitting calms me down and gives me a focus for creativity.

Needless to say baby items are not high on my list of things to knit.  That changed last summer when one of my high school girlfriend's became preggers.  I knew I had to knit for the little Darling.  I also knew that whatever I knit would have to be exceedingly intriguing so that I wouldn't be thinking about why I was knitting.  My thought was a knitted quilt, with letter blocks mixed in with striping blocks.  I ended up with 36 blocks, 6x6 of 36 stitches by 36 row squares.  Armed with knit picks comfy sport, my graphing paper and my favorite children's books, I set to work.

I picked up along to sides of the blanket, creating ruffles.  Then I backed the blanket with a piece of gray jersey fabric so that a) little fingers couldn't pull the stitches out and b) if stitches did pull then I could remove the backing and fix the pull.

I love the results.  From the "Old English D", my friend is a die hard Detroit Tigers fan, to the X-File's X, another favorite, I was very happy with the finished project.

A very special thanks to Amy Kimball, of Amy Kimball photography for the lovely photos.

I love readers comments and I know a lot of people have their own opinion on infertility treatments.  My request is that you refrain from negative comments, infertility is a battle that is difficult on a good day.   Thank you.