Monday, July 13, 2015

Knitting Spotlight: Boo Knits

Recently while searching for lace patterns on ravelry, I came across an amazing designer, Boo Knits.  Boo Knits designs beautiful, elegant, lace beaded shawls.  Once I had added all of Boo's work to my favorites on ravelry, I decided to knit one of her shawls, Mustard Seed.  (She names a lot of her shawls after Shakespeare's characters which I find totally awesome.)

Mustardseed by Boo Knits, knit with Handmaiden Fine Yarn, Sea Silk in Charcoal.
I opted out of the beads this time.

I made this as a thank you gift for my daughter's dance teacher.  Boo's lace is so delicate and the patterns are so simple, (yes really!) that I can't wait to make another!

Here are a few other of Boo's designs that I can't wait to get on my needles:


Image copy right Boo Knits



Image copy right Boo Knits


 Image copy right Boo Knits