Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting Back in the Saddle

As Christmas approached I knit fast and furiously to finish all my knitted gifts.  After Christmas, I decided I was going to knit for myself.   Funny enough, knitting for myself didn't quite work out.  By that point I had knit myself into carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and something else I can't pronounce, in both hands, elbows and arms.   I don't think my physical therapist quite knew what to say when he found out my injuries were knitting induced.  Knitters Elbow doesn't have quite the same ring as Tennis Elbow.

Fortunately, I am getting to where I can knit everyday and it is AWESOME.  I didn't quite realize how much a part of my life knitting had become, I missed knitting greatly.  I am so very happy (as is my family for sanity reasons) that I can finally knit again.  Now I can dive back into my world of knitting magazines, yarn and adding to my sweater collection.  I think I need a yarn/sweater cabinet...

 Just before my hands froze up I finished Anatolia by Marie Wallin, from Rowan 54, knit in Rowan Cotton Glace.  I love Rowan, I want to live in a Rowan magazine.

I am currently working on Heilen by Lisa Richardson, from Rowan 56, knit in Rowan Handknit Cotton.  I love this pattern, I just have to remember to stop every 15 minutes and give my hands a rest.  I'm really trying to remember, really.

Between the Wars Cardigan, from Rowan 54, by Katie Agar, knit with Rowan Handknit Cotton.  I love this sweater, I finished it in the fall and it has easily become one of my favorites.