Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shawls, a Gift From the Heart

 Shawl:  a piece of cloth that is used especially by women as a covering for the head or shoulders

"The shawl is perhaps the oldest of garments; whether knitted or woven it has been worn for centuries.  The shawl appears in some guise and shape in many diverse cultures.  Wherever people have been working, living, telling stories and celebrating, there have been people wearing shawls, wrapped in blankets, draped in lace.  Shawls are used for prayer and mourning.  Shawls are bridal veils and christening garments.  Shawls bring comfort and drama to our lives."
Cheryl Oberle, Folk Shawls.

Derived from the Persian word shal,  "shawl" originally referred to a class of woven fabric rather than a particular garment.  Versatile garments, shawls can change an outfit from casual to dressy (or vice versa) all the while providing a practical warmth.  I find knitting shawls to be intriguing, there are numerous shapes and patterns that a shawl can take.

While I love to knit shawls, I have encountered a problem over the years...what do I do with them all?  Realistically I can only wear so many shawls.  I can knit them all day long but once I am done they will just sit in my closet collecting dust.  The solution?  Give them away.  Be it a prayer shawl for someone who is grieving or a gift for friends and/or my daughter's teachers, shawls are a gift from the heart.

Here are some of my favorites:


Holden  by Mindy Wilkes in Prism Delicato

 Lori Beth Shawl in Queensland Collection Pima Fresca

Darjeeling Shawl by Joan Forgione  in Hand Maiden Swiss Mountain Bamboo

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