Monday, August 19, 2013

My Favorite Color

I have this thing about a certain color blue.  My husband likes to tease me about my adoration of the color turquoise. Walk into my house, glance at my closet and you will see a LOT of shades of blue moving from turquoise to Tiffany.  My yarn color choice when making a garment for myself is no different.  Recently I ordered some Ruca, color 6, off of ebay thinking about using it as a gift for a friend.  Once the yarn arrived, I promptly ordered a different yarn for the gift and kept my first purchase for myself.

I think I love that color because it reminds me of being at the water.  I love being at the water (it's the New Englander in me). There's nothing like standing with your feet in the surf and watching the colors of blue as they change with the waves.


Then there is the fabulousness of knitting at the beach.

Here is my start of my yoga shawl, in Spray #04. (Pattern here!)

The start of Emily's hat, in Cuddles Juniper. (Pattern here!)

*Please excuse any grammatical errors, I'm operating with a migraine.

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