Saturday, August 31, 2013

Emily & Kiersten's Gnome Hat


My youngest first cousin graduated high school in May.  For her graduation present I gave her a knitting IOU.  Emily's choice was a hat, a slouchy hat to be precise.  After Em received her hat, I made another for her friend Kiersten.

Emily's Hat:

2 skeins Crystal Palace Cuddles in Juniper
2 medium sized wooden buttons
Size US 10 circular needles
Size US 10 double points (I don't have US 10 double points, I finished the hat with US 11 double points.)

Gauge: 3 stitches to an inch

Finished Measurements:
From ribbing hat band to point of hat: 13.5 inches
Circumference: 17 inches around at ribbed hat band

SSK: Slip two stitches knit wise, knit the two slipped stitches together.
K2T: Knit 2 stitches together

CO 54 stitches
Place marker and join in the round.
*K 3, P 3* Rib across the row
Continue ribbing for 3 inches.

Switch to straight stitch.
Next Row: M1, K to end of row.
Continue knitting all stitches every row until the hat measures 9 inches from CO edge.

Begin Decreases:
Row 1: *K 9, SSK* across row
Row 2 (and all even rows): K
Row 3: *K 8, SSK* across row
Row 5: *K 7, SSK* across row
Row 7: *K 6, SSK* across row
Row 9: *K 5, SSK* across row
Row 11:*K 4, SSK* across row
Row 13: *K 3, SSK* across row
Row 15:*K 2, SSK* across row
Row 17:*K 1, SSK* across row
Row 19:*K2T* across all stitches

Change to double pointed needles when the work is too small to fit on circular needles.

Break yarn, leaving a long tail.  Thread tail through remaining stitches, pull tight and weave in ends.  Sew buttons onto ribbed hat band.

The hat comes to a point on the top, which doesn't show when worn.  Because of the point, my sisters nicknamed it a "gnome hat".

A special thanks to Ellie, who even though I showed up right as she got out of bed still managed to look adorable.

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  1. Graduating from High School is a very important day. I think a knitted gift is a wonderful idea.I know I'm late but congrats Ellie!!!! A great hat for a lovely young lady. College next?