Monday, September 23, 2013

Ripping and Pretty Yarn

I have ripped this blanket out two times now.  Normally I would just put on my big girl pants and move on.  Unfortunately, I have put A LOT of work into this blanket.  Sadly, it will not turn out how I hoped it would due to some shaping issues.  Hopefully, it will become a well loved blanket regardless of how I wanted it to look.

I am very easily bored, knitting a pattern consisting of only straight stitch is not my cup of tea.  The more cables, lace or shaping a pattern has, the more I like it.  Being a quick knitter I like to have about four projects going so that I can switch knits during the day.  Being tied to this adorable blanket for the past few weeks has made me long for the other projects that are circulating in my brain.

Shawls, scarves and all things fall, knit with Yarn Hollow and Queensland Collection.  The yarn is sitting in a beautiful yellow ware bowl that my Mama gave me for my birthday.

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