Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diagonal Knitting

I must apologize to those reading this, I have had a migraine for about 5 days and am not quite coherent, please pardon the grammar!

One of my girlfriends from high school is getting ready to be a Mama and Baby Dear will be getting a blanket from me.  Out of the 36 squared blanket I am knitting, 10 squares will be striped, (more on the other squares later).  

 Stripes are exceedingly versatile, you can stripe horizontally:


 My favorite stripe however, is diagonal.

The trick is to knit and purl across your rows without leaving holes between the colors.


 I am working with two colors A (purple) and B (reddish pink).

On a knit row as you change from color A to color B, you want to wrap B around A before you continue to knit with B so that there is no gap between the colors.

On the opposite side, purling across the row as you change from B to A you want to wrap A around B before you purl so that there is no gap. 

 The final product looks clean on both sides with the WS looking like this:

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