Friday, July 19, 2013

A Twirly Shawl Please!

 A very special thanks to my daughter for writing the first part of my blog post today!

I asked my Mommy to make me a shawl.  I wanted it to have blue and yellow stripes, I'll write a poem about the shawl.

The shawl has blue and yellow stripes,

I like to wear it when I fly kites.

Today is going to be great,

I love the shawl my Mommy made.

That's the end of the poem.

My Pixie came to me asking for a "yellow twirly scarf with blue stripes please".  Having made twirly scarves before for my sisters I countered with an offer for a striped shawl.  Pixie accepted, the deal was on.  

The most important part of the deal was picking the correct color of yellow and blue to knit with.  Living in U of M country and being married to a KU Jayhawk, I knew that the wrong color of blue, namely navy blue, could prove a disaster (especially with the NCAA Men's Basketball game that had recently gone down).   Fortunately for me, I found that the Tahki Cotton Classic came in a bright blue.  Armed with two skeins of bright blue and two skeins of bright yellow I set to work on Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur. 

I had knit this shawl twice and knowing the dimensions of the finished product decided to size down for my slim shouldered girl.  Instead of only adding on every other color change as written in the Cladonia pattern, I added on every color change (every other row).  The end result was the same amount of stitches but with less width and length.

Blocking the shawl was a bit of a puzzle.  After a couple of tries, I finally figured out that I needed to block the shawl in a circle.


  1. This is gorgeous. I just went and bought this pattern after seeing your post. My 7yo daughter would love this. Thank you so much

  2. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like it! It's a fun knit.