Thursday, July 25, 2013

Julia Scarf Pattern


This year when graduation season approached I decided that I would give knitted gifts to the graduates I knew.  My cousin Emily asked for a hat, (which I will post later) and for my youngest sister's friend Julia, I decided on a scarf.

My sister told me that Julia liked bright colors.  That news was music to my ears seeing that I had my eye on some bright colored cotton yarn at my local yarn shop.  Scholler + Stahl Spray is a soft cotton yarn with vibrant colors.  Maybe most importantly, Spray is very comfortable to wear.

Julia is a horizontally knitted, striped eternity scarf.

Finished Measurements:

6 1/2 inches wide.
61 inches long when folded in half and sewn, 122 inches long before sewing. 
I like really long scarves, however, this pattern can easily be shortened.  Make whatever length suits you best!

2 skeins Scholler + Stahl Spray Gray  (MC)
1 Skein Scholler + Stahl # 08 Coral     (C1)
1 Skein Scholler + Stahl #04 Light Turquoise (C2)
1 Skein Scholler + Stahl # 09 Fuchsia (C3)
1 Skein Scholler + Stahl # 06 Lime      (C4)
US size 6 (4.0mm) circular needles
15 stitches and 30 rows in garter stitch = 4inches

CO 380  with C1
K 2 rows
*Change to MC
K2 rows
Change to C2
K 2 rows
Change to MC
K 2 rows
Change to C3
K 2 rows
Change to MC
K 2 rows
Change to C4
K 2 rows
Change to MC
K 2 rows
Change to C1
K 2 rows*

This is the pattern that can be repeated to the desired width.  I made 3 repeats of this pattern and CO in C1.  Sew the ends together and enjoy! 

A very special thanks to my lovely model Ellie and my lovely friend Gigi for pattern advice, love you ladies!

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